Not only do we manufacture, fabricate, and sell wholesale trailer parts, we are always expanding our options to manufacture parts in other industries as well.

Pro Form manufactures parts for the following types of trailers:


Gooseneck Trailer

This is a 14,000lb. single-wheeled tandem to 24000lb. tandem dual. The deck extends over the wheels for carrying heavy cargo that isn’t covered and is unloaded from either side. more


Cargo Trailer

These can be small to large covered trailers that must be unloaded from the rear with either ramp doors or swing-out doors. more


Dump Trailer

This is a small tandem bumper pull for hauling rock, trash, mulch or any other bulk product. There are also tandem dual dump trailers, where the bed extends over the wheels for hauling heavier, larger loads. more


Utility Trailer

This is a very general category that includes anything from small lawnmower trailers, watercraft trailers, or larger pipe-top landscape trailers. more